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Mini Shoots - the quick and easy way to get incredible photos

Mini Shoots

A mini shoot is a fantastic way to get a few lovely, professional photos without spending lots of time or money. 

These are perfect for sending out to family as gifts or cards, to celebrate a special event, to put on social media, or just to get a lovely photo to frame at home.

Doorstep Mini Shoot

What is a mini shoot?

I run mini shoots at selected days and locations, sometimes in beautiful woodland, or a lovely local venue. We arrange a time for your mini shoot, and we spend 10-15 minutes taking some beautiful pictures.

Afterwards, you'll be able to pick your favourite 5 images (with the option to buy more if you like!), which will be sent to you as high resolution files, perfect for printing.

Woodland Mini Shoot

How much does a mini shoot cost, and what do you get?

Mini shoots cost £60, and you get your choice of 5 high resolution images, which you can select from your online gallery and then download. 

Additional photos cost £15 each, and you can also get other extras, such as printed images or frames that can be ordered on request.

Woodland Mini Shoot Black and White

What are mini shoots for?

Mini shoots are perfect for getting gorgeous professional photos quickly and cheaply! They're ideal if you want to personalise your Christmas cards, to use on your social media profiles, or just to have some more lovely pictures of your family to hang on the wall.

Lots of my clients like to have a regular mini shoot, especially if they have young children. It's an amazing way to document them growing up, and to have a wealth of beautiful pictures you can share with family and friends.

Woodland Mini Shoot

How can I get a mini shoot for my family?

I arrange mini shoot days all through the year, so just get in touch with me to find out more!


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