Awards ceremonies 

It's time to celebrate the star performers at Center Parcs Woburn.

The company holds an annual event at which nominated members of staff are invited to attend for a meal and celebrations.

The idea of the evening is to celebrate their achievements of the selected staff over the past year. 

My photography brief for the evening is to capture staff in a relaxed manner, enjoying the evening and interacting with their fellow colleagues. There were a numaber of awards presented through out the evening which natural needed photography, this  enable Center Parcs  to use them in their inhouse marketing matieral and send out to the other Center Parcs acrosses the country and in Europe.  A magician was also present at the evening so I captured the interaction between him and the staff.

My unobtrusive style works brilliantly at these events as I am able to photograph people without distracting them from enjoying the evening. 

I have photographed many awards evenings for companies such as Delta airlines, Virgin holidays and Homebase  these events have often been held as fantastic venues in London one memorable one was in the Shard! Sometimes  the events will require me to working alongside celebrity ambassadors and photograph them as they work. I have also photographed hundreds of weddings and have worked in a variety of venues so I'm used to working in different environments and under pressure.


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