Happy family holding hands in the woods in Bedfordshire

Portrait Photography

Capturing your family at a perfect moment in time or crafting an image for your business, portrait photography brings out the best in everyone.

Photos that capture the real you.

Family portrait photography is about bringing you all together to capture a specific moment in time. A portrait is a living history, it’s a place where the kids never grow older and time never moves.

Portraits also help show you as you really are, no forced grins or unnatural poses, I always make sure you feel relaxed, confident and comfortable in front of the camera so when you look back at the shots, you know I’ve captured the real you.

Ampthill park in the summer

Ampthill Park in the summer

Ampthill Park in Bedfordshire is a fantastic location to have your portrait taken. In the summer months you can enjoy the beautiful lush landscape and utilise the wood for an interesting backdrop.

I love getting outdoors and taking photographs as every session is so different. Nature is a beautiful backdrop for any portrait, it gives you so many different textures, shapes and colours.

Studios can be great, but where I can (and the weather allows!) I find I can get amazing shots where we get outside and enjoy the fun and limitless boundaries of the outdoors. True, I’m kept on my toes (you never know if a stray dog or a large gust of wind is thrown into the mix!) but it’s often these moments where you get the most natural reactions.

This photo is a great example of letting portrait photographs be completely natural. I did the wedding photography for this beautiful girl’s parents, and every year on her birthday, they come for a family portrait. It means that every year they can see her change and blossom as she grows.

Commercial Portraits

Commercial Portraits

Running a stage school means you’re used to performing, but a good portrait often requires you to leave the performance behind and let yourself relax. To help create that atmosphere, we took these shots outdoors, helping break down any feelings of self-consciousness and get some gorgeous pics!

Blue Bell


Every spring I offer mini portrait sessions, where we take advantage of the bluebells and the pretty spring sunshine for some amazing photos.

Spring evenings have the perfect light, especially when it’s dappled through the leaves of the trees, and picked up by the flowers around you. It really is the perfect portrait background!

When doing family photos, I often invite people to bring their dogs along for outdoor shoots. They provide the perfect distraction and keep you feeling relaxed - and it’s always fun for me to meet a new furry friend!

A family portrait session

A family portrait session

"When photographer, Becky Kerr, suggested doing a family photo shoot together, we loved the idea because we never ever seem to get any photos as a family – and least of all any pictures of me as the mum. I’m too busy taking photos of everybody else!

As the day approached, I started, however, to get a bit nervous. I hate having my photo taken and I wondered what it would be like.

Why I worried, I really don’t know! Becky quickly put us all at ease and made it so much fun that soon we were laughing away. Her relaxed manner made us pose naturally rather than hunched up and we all secretly admitted afterwards that we loved every bit of our first-ever family shoot.

We can’t wait to have another photo shoot in the months to come – only this time with our new puppy!"

Commercial Portrait

Commercial Portrait

Workshop & Play in Ampthill is a pretty pop-up workspace where owner, Emma, runs a range of workshops in things like (but not limited to!) interior design, calligraphy, knitting, sewing, yoga, photography, floristry, social media and entrepreneurship.

I was one of the first people who got to see it, exploring every pretty corner and capturing the look, feel and atmosphere. I’ve also been lucky enough to teach a couple of workshops myself, encouraging the next wave of budding photographers!

Childs play

Child's play

Getting kids in place for the perfect photo can be a challenging task, but I find that the best way to let children come out of their shells and relax when you’re doing portraits, is to give them free rein to enjoy themselves!

Getting out and about - like this picture, taken on the Alameda Walk in Ampthill - lets kids focus on having a good time, so they forget all about me and my camera, and I get to take photos of them as they truly are.

Home comforts

Home comforts

When a child is in familiar surroundings we are able to get natural, relaxed photographs. I let them play, run, jump, read a book or play with their toys and capture all these moments in a reportage style of photography. Documenting everyday moments might not be top of your list for a family photo shoot but are great to look back on to see the development of your baby. When he starts to eat food you are too busy worrying about the amount they are eating or whether it is ending up on your floor. Playing with your baby, you are interacting and bonding with them to remember to pick up a camera to document this moment. My portrait photographs will show the love between parents and child or bond between siblings.

Family fun

Family fun

What do you buy that special member of you family for their 70th birthday? Why not a portrait of everyone who loves them? This family had great fun getting together for this top secret photoshoot. The outfits had been discussed, the kids were briefed not to tell Grandad. They just hoped he wouldn’t come for a walk in Ampthill Park and spoil the surprise!

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