Happy family holding hands in the woods in Bedfordshire

Portrait photography in Bedfordshire

Capturing your family at a perfect moment in time or crafting an image for your business, portrait photography brings out the best in everyone.

Portrait photoshoots

To create a fantastic portrait photoshoot, you need to feel relaxed, comfortable and free to be yourself.

With over 16 years of experience in portrait photography, I know exactly how to create an atmosphere where you feel just like yourself - so I can capture it perfectly.

Whether your portraits are taken at home, on location or out and about, I know how to keep the whole family having fun, so you won't even notice I'm taking fabulous photos along the way!

Family walking down nature path

Professional family portrait photography

Family portrait photography is about bringing you all together to capture a specific moment in time. A portrait is a living history, it's a place where the kids never grow older and time never moves.

Portraits also help show you as you really are. No forced grins or unnatural poses, I always make sure you feel relaxed, confident and comfortable in front of the camera so when you look back at the shots, you know I've captured the real you.

Find out more about my family photography packages and mini shoots.

Family portrait out in the woods

Outdoor portrait photography

I love getting outdoors for portrait photography! Nature is a beautiful backdrop, and gives you different textures, shapes and colours that help make your portrait unique and interesting.

Woman taking a photograph of a dog

Commercial portraits

Creating professional business portraits helps you shape your company's narrative, and shows customers and clients exactly who you are and what you do.

Young girl playing out in some flowers

Child portrait photography

Getting kids in place for the perfect photo can be a challenging task, but by giving them free rein to enjoy themselves, I can capture gorgeous pictures that really show their personality.

Professional business portrait photography

If you run a business in Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, I can help with personal brand photography that you can use to promote, advertise and showcase you and your business.

With professional portraits we can create images that really represent your brand and your company, which you can then use in print, online and in adverts.

Portrait photography packages

My family or individual portrait shoots cost £250 per session, and always start with a conversation over phone, video call or email so I can organise the perfect shoot for you.

We'll arrange a location, date and time, and I can even help out with advice on what to wear and how to prepare - especially if someone doesn't feel confident in front of the camera.

After the session, I'll digitally edit and prepare between 40 and 50 images which are then uploaded to your own private gallery. I can also arrange printing, frames and albums on request, so you can turn your gorgeous photos into gifts, or centrepieces for your home.

As well as my dedicated portrait photo packages, I also run regular mini shoots throughout the year. If you're interested, sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know when a new date has been released!

So if you'd like a fabulous portrait of your family, or some images you can use for your business, just get in touch for a chat!

Family portrait out in the woods
Young boy playing with football in woods
Woman in purple coat standing in front of a tree
Woman in green jumper smiling at camera
Young child sat with giant grey teddy
Young girl and dog following a garden path
Woman smiling and leaning against a blue wall
Baby being held above grass
Woman with a large floral dark blue headband leaning against a wall

Thank you so much Becky

We thoroughly enjoyed our mini shoot with Becky in the summer, it was fun to do and the photos were beautiful - a really lovely keepsake! We are hoping to book a Christmas shoot with her for some more amazing photography and memories to keep forever! Thank you so much Becky xx


Becky is so great at what she does.

She gets that photo you didn't even know you wanted. She's fantastic with children too. My girls are quite shy, but with Becky, they're happy to do anything! So down to earth and very approachable. Becky will always be our first choice for any event that needs photographing!