Family Autumn portraits.jpg

Family Autumn portraits

When photographer, Becky Kerr, suggested doing a family photo shoot together, we loved the idea because we never ever seem to get any photos as a family – and least of all any pictures of me as the mum. I'm too busy taking photos of everybody else!

As the day approached, I started, however, to get a bit nervous. I hate having my photo taken and I wondered what it would be like.
Why I worried, I really don't know! Even though we felt like we were mutton dressed as lamb in the middle of Ampthill's beautiful forest – we had dressed up nicely for an occasion which would be more akin to a wedding reception than a muddy autumn walkway (!) – Becky quickly put us all at ease and made it so much fun that soon we were laughing away. Her relaxed manner made us pose naturally rather than hunched up and we all secretly admitted afterwards that we loved every bit of our first-ever family shoot.

Becky has got such a fabulous knack that it felt like a treat. We can't wait to present the photos this Christmas to our family and the lifelong happy photographs created that autumn afternoon will live with us for a very long time. We can't wait to have another photo shoot in the months to come – only this time with our new puppy!

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