Mini Head shot shoots

In most cases people buy from people and it's important that our clients know, like and trust us. I am offering a fantastic package for you to update your photographs at a mini headshot photo shoot on 18th April at Hot House Lighting 14 Church St, Ampthill, Bedford MK45 2EH

Are you a creative, accountant or retail owner and you would like a selection of professional portrait photographs so you are able to update your social pages and add a face to your business ? As busy business owners or freelancers we don't always have the time and funds to invest into a Brand photography session but my Mini Head shots are the perfect solution for this. 

These individual Mini–Head Shot photograph sessions will be 20 mins in duration. I will take a number of different portraits of yourself to depict your personality and bring in an element of your business into the photographs. The shoots are for individuals but if you have a business partner please contact me for more information. 

Please click on this link to secure your slot for the shoot. You will also need to pay £75 fee.

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On the shoot day:

You can bring props which depict & showcase your brand. A quick change of clothes is a must. This can be easily achieved by a change of jacket, adding a scarf or accessories but remember this will be a speedy change as your shoot is 20 mins. 

 The day after your shoot you will receive a link to view your photographs and this will enable you to select your favourite 4 images that will be sent over to you so that you can start sharing them straight away!

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