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Personal Brand Master Day

Take your Personal Brand to the next level!  Hosted by Janine Coney & Becky Kerr with special guest Natalie Schofield

Personal Brand Master Day with Janine Coney and Becky Kerr

Introducing The Personal Brand Mastery Day designed exclusively for women in business who are looking to invest in their next level, unlock their true potential, build and elevate their personal brand and business for unstoppable success.

Join a team of professionals for a transformational day packed with invaluable insights, practical strategies, hands-on activities and a personal brand photo shoot that will help you confidently connect and develop your personal brand in just one day!

As entrepreneurs, we know it's common to have fears and struggles when it comes to personal branding and taking your business to the next level... so we've created a transformational day to help you!

Fear of being unnoticed or overlooked -  You worry that despite your skills and expertise, you're not getting the visibility, recognition and success you deserve.

Building a strong personal brand will help you stand out and command attention in your industry. we will share the secrets to building a powerful personal brand

Lack of clarity in your unique brilliance: AKA Your Superpower - You struggle to clearly communicate what sets you apart from your competitors.

During the day we will help you identify and articulate your unique value proposition, giving you a competitive edge.

Concerns about inconsistent branding -  Inconsistency in your personal brand can lead to confusion and a lack of trust among your audience.

Worried that your brand messaging and online presence aren't cohesive, then this day is the ideal solution. Through our brand audit, you'll identify areas of inconsistency and we'll provide strategic recommendations to align your brand across all your touch points. 

Fear of not having compelling imagery - Visuals play a crucial role in capturing attention and conveying your personal brand's essence.

If you're struggling with lacklustre or inconsistent imagery, our Personal Branding Day is the solution you need. With a professional photo shoot  session included on the day, you'll receive expert guidance to create captivating visuals that authentically represent your brand.

Feeling overwhelmed by social media -  Managing and leveraging social media platforms can be daunting, especially when you're unsure of the most effective strategies. 

Our social media expert will provide you with practical tips and insights to navigate social media confidently.


To find out more infomation about this fantastic day please view the link. 

Personal Brand Master day

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