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What to ask your wedding photographer on your big day?

Here are 10 top tips from Bedfordshire professional female photographer, Becky Kerr, who has years of experience and can capture your special day with so many intimate, relaxed, informal shots as well as the group photos that you will be able to treasure forever.
1. Getting Ready
Those precious, nervous, excited pre-wedding moments are so special. If having both sides of the wedding party captured while getting ready is important to you, then either chose a photographer who comes with an assistant or make sure there is enough time for him/her to visit both parties in the morning.

2. The Dress

Remembering the way your dress looked is so important. You spent hours choosing it and so make sure you show it off in all its glory. Some of the best photos I've taken have been with a bride looking so radiant in her stunning dress.

3. Arriving At Your Ceremony

The moment when all the nerves and excitement seem to come together – there really is not a better time to capture your emotions in one photograph.

 4. The Confetti Shot

There's nothing more joyful than a confetti shot! It doesn't matter if you get covered in confetti, the whoops of joy coming from your guests as they shower you with it are simply wonderful.

5. & 6. The bride and groom party

Group shots are wonderful to treasure. They may be formal but the memory of you all standing together looking so happy will live with you for many years to come. They are also a wonderful gift to give to those closest to you.

7. The Bouquet

When the bride throws the bouquet to her friends, it provides plenty of fun. Who will catch it? Will they be the next person to marry? Who knows! But it provides so much enjoyment that this is a perfect photo to take.

8. Your venue

After a lot of agonising over which venue to choose for your special day, don't forget to make sure you have plenty of photos taken at the stunning location. What a beautiful backdrop for such a special day.


9. Your First Dance

The moment you step on to the dance floor with your new wife/husband is incredibly poignant and often emotional! Always insist on the photographer staying for your first dance.


10. Your First Kiss As A Married Couple

There will be a lot of kissing on your wedding day! But always make sure the photographer captures that intimate moment too. Don't feel embarrassed. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life.


A day to remember
Female Bedfordshire wedding photographer, Becky Kerr, takes such pride and joy with her work when she is asked to capture a couple's wedding. And if you have just got engaged, now is a great time to visit some wedding fairs. Don't be afraid to ask everything and anything about professional wedding photography! Becky is particularly adept at capturing beautiful, intimate and off the cuff shots as well as the lovely group photographs that stay with a couple for a lifetime. She will be attending wedding fairs in Woburn on the 18th February and at Wrest Park on the 3rd March if you'd like to have an informal chat with her. 

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