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Brand Photography

Create powerful visual messaging that can be used online, in print and across social networks for a consistent, compelling brand identity.

What is Brand Photography?

Professional brand photography provides you with a suite of photos that you can use for your company, giving you the tools to make a powerful visual impact on your customers.

It can include headshots of your team, pictures of your office and workplace, lifestyle shots that show happy clients or even personal brand photography that tells your corporate story through your own unique personality.

Brand photography can save you from having to use obvious stock photography and generic images, and instead gives you a portfolio of shots that are high quality, meaningful and clearly bespoke to your business.

Tell your visual story

We all know a picture paints a thousand words, so why do we so often end up with generic, stock photography for our businesses?

Generic photography doesn’t stand out. It’s not memorable. Because it’s designed to work for as many people as possible.

So you end up losing your biggest chance to make a big impression.

But with brand photos, you can shape your imagery around your company’s unique identity, and create a visual message that really speaks to your audience.

Why would you need Brand Photography?

Brand photography stands out where stock photography blends in. You’ll never need to worry that the photos you’re using aren’t quite right, or worse - being used by a competitor. It’s the visual impact that shows you’re different, and have something unique to offer.

Woman at home checking the contents of a makeup box

Tell your brand story

You spend so much time on your company’s messaging, marketing and brand. Photography is the best medium to get those messages across without needing to say a word, making a powerful impression.

Woman wearing an apron talking to a customer

Professional and personal

Brand photography immediately shows your level of professionalism and care for your business. But it also shows your personality and company culture, so each image could only be of your business.

Women sat at an table outdoors with shopping bags

No cheesy stock

Stock images are instantly recognisable, and are usually too cheesy, which looks cheap and devalues your brand, or too generic with no impact. Brand photography gives you authentic, powerful images to work with.

Woman sat in a Lucinda store
A green, purple and yellow knitted scarf hanging over a tree branch
A woman smiling
Stylish kitchen
Waiter serving a sandwich, salad and crisp lunch Woman with a large floral dark blue headband leaning against a wall Woman showing of a range of different clothing and accessories

We have worked with Becky on various jobs since we opened nearly 6 years ago.

She is always full of great ideas how to showcase our cafe bar in the best way , be it scene setting on a busy weekend evening, premises shots or food photography.

We keep asking her to come in and work with us as she is very approachable, friendly and above all else, professional.

We are more than happy to recommend her work.

When opening LUCINDA Occasion Wear Boutique in Ampthill, part of our mission was to become fully immersed in our local community and support local independent business and enterprise like ourselves. Becky was a natural choice for us as we have followed her work via her social media channels for quite some time - it’s always full for great, happy content!

Becky’s approach to her work is thoughtful, calming, flexible, reliable and friendly. She has a great eye and her pictures will always reflect this.

We look forward to having you back in the shop soon Becky.

Becky is a breath of fresh air to work with, we had an initial discovery call and I felt that she completely bought into my vision and gave me lots of ideas to ensure I got the most out of the photoshoot.

She made me feel completely at ease on the day with her relaxed and professional style. I was SO excited to see the photos and they didn’t disappoint – thank you Becky!

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