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Podcast with Janine Coney

When Janine Coney from own your style asked me to be a guest on her podcast naturally I jumped at the opportunity. 
Our paths had crossed a number of times and I resonated with her as she hold the same values and knowledge as I do in personal branding . 
We have combined our wealth of knowledge from both of our long established careers that span over 20 years each of working in the creative media and fashion industry to discuss personal branding and the importance of a professional photographer working will you to create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

I have worked at some the largest UK magazine Houses such as Hearst, Future  magazine industry before I launched Becky Kerr Photography in April 2005. I have  drawn on my experiences from my photography degree and working on magazines such as Prima, Cosmo Girl, Good Housekeeping and House beautiful I also worked in  contract publishing on titles such as Asda, Marks & Spencers, Holland and Barrett, BMW and Barcleys Bank this wealth of experiences allows me to create a strong coherent body of photographs that you will be able to use to communicate with your ideal clients. 

We are saturated with imagery on social media so planning a shoot is a crucial element of your brand photography. I advise my clients through a number of meetings and correspondents so that when it is shoot day we both have a clear vision for their photography.  It is my passion to create an authentic brand to enable your clients to get to know like and trust you and your business.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and are able to pick up a few tips and understand the process and the important of using a long established photographer. 

Visual Impact - Unlock the Power of Your Personal Brand with professional Photography by Janine Coney

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