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On my blog I publish selected photoshoots, as well as various guides and insights that I've learned during my experience as a wedding photographer.

A Guide to Brand Photography Blog Posts

A Guide to Brand Photography

Every business owner knows that the right visuals make a big impact on your customer, whether that's a beautiful shop window, a stylish office or a slick website. But so often, that visual impact is watered down by the pictures you're using.  Stock photography only takes you so far.

Brand photography takes your business to the next level, and shows your brand identity across all your visual assets. Headshot taken on a phone will not let you stand out in an over crowed soical media world. 

The Perfect Engagement Shoot Blog Posts

The Perfect Engagement Shoot

Engagement photography is getting more and more popular, but why? Is it worth your time and money to have an engagement shoot? What should you be getting out of it? How do you prepare?

This guide goes through all the reasons why you should have engagement photos, what you should expect, and the 7 steps that will get you the most gorgeous pictures from your shoot. 

Podcast with Janine Coney Blog Posts

Podcast with Janine Coney

When Janie Coney from own your style asked me to be a guest on her podcast naturally I jumped at the opportunity. Our paths had crossed a number of times and I resonated with her as she hold the same values and knowledge as I do in personal branding .

Best Wedding Venues in Hertfordshire (2024) Blog Posts

Best Wedding Venues in Hertfordshire (2024)

Picking your perfect venue is a big decision, and it can be so hard to sort through all the venues you've seen. Sometimes it feels like they all just blur into one!

But the key things you need to know for each venue can really help you rule options out, so you're left with a nice shortlist with all the places that are perfect for tying the knot.

Pres!! Pre Prom photos Blog Posts

Pres!! Pre Prom photos

They have put the hard graft in it is now time to celebrate! Capture the friendships and the gorgoues outfits before the go and party with their class mates. I offer a number of Pre Prom photo shoot and Prom events contact me to find out more.

Graduation Photography: the guide to perfect graduation pictures Blog Posts

Graduation Photography: the guide to perfect graduation pictures

There are still ways to get some graduation family photos - even during a pandemic! Find out about graduation photoshoot tips, locations and costs with Becky Kerr photography.

Best Wedding Venues in Bedfordshire (2022) Blog Posts

Best Wedding Venues in Bedfordshire (2022)

There are so many beautiful wedding venues out there that it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. In this post, I'll take you through some of my favourite wedding venues in Bedfordshire based on over 15 years' experience in the wedding industry. I'll include including practical wedding venue information on capacity, accommodation and more.

Why I love candid wedding photography Blog Posts

Why I love candid wedding photography

When people think of wedding pictures, they usually think of the portraits, poses and formal photos you do between your ceremony and reception.

But I find that the shots that people love the most are often the natural, candid photos that happened when they didn't even notice the camera was there!

Leap Day Proposals Blog Posts

Leap Day Proposals

Ladies, take the lead! February 29th, or Leap Day, is traditionally the day when a woman can propose to a man.

But where did the tradition come from? 

And in our modern world, is it a throwback to a time before equality, a statement of female empowerment, or maybe just a great excuse to pop the question?


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