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Graduation Photography: the guide to perfect graduation pictures

With some restrictions still in place for big events, it can sometimes feel like our milestones aren't being marked.

That's particularly true for graduation ceremonies.

Graduating is a massive life event that not only marks your achievements academically, it also celebrates the start of a whole new chapter in your life.

Usually, that's something that can be celebrated with family and friends but, over the past couple of years, things have been a bit harder.

That's why this year, lots of people are choosing to get a professional photographer for graduation pictures, to really mark the occasion and to have something lasting to share with family and friends who couldn't be there on the day.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about photography for your graduation, what it is, how it works, and how to make the most of it. So you can get gorgeous graduation pictures that capture your big day.

What are graduation photos?

In most years, graduation photos are taken before, during and after your ceremony. They usually include some shots with your family, some with your friends. 

You may have a couple of graduation portrait photos of you in your cap and gown, or the classic one of you - or even your entire class - throwing your caps in the air.

But this year, due to the pandemic there are a lot more restrictions. Fewer universities are holding graduation ceremonies, there are much tighter restrictions on who can come, and many have been moved online.

That's why lots of people want professional graduation pictures, so that the friends and family who can't be with you on the day, can still share and mark the event in style!

Graduation photoshoot ideas and tips

When it comes to taking great graduation photos, my top tip is to avoid the formality, and to get some candid, natural shots. 

This style is much more likely to capture the real you, and trust me, you'll be a lot happier with these pictures hanging on Nanna's wall than a staged photo in front of a tatty backdrop.

That's why I specialise in doing outdoor graduation pictures, both for mini shoots and for longer sessions. An outdoor graduation photoshoot really breathes life into your pictures, and helps you relax and feel more natural in front of the camera too.

How much do graduation photos cost?

Graduation photoshoot prices can often get expensive, and can cost anywhere between a hundred to a thousand pounds. That's because there's a lot of work that goes into them - even if your photographer only stays for an hour or so.

But there is a cheaper graduation photography alternative - the mini photo shoot!

Mini shoots are becoming more and more popular for graduation celebrations, particularly during the pandemic, as photographers often aren't allowed to travel to your ceremony - if you're even having one in real life at all.

A mini shoot is a great alternative, as your photographer can simply meet you in an outdoor location, and spend 10-15 minutes taking great shots of you with friends and family. Those photo files are then professionally edited and sent over for you.

My graduation photoshoot packages start at just £60 for a mini shoot, which gets you 15 minutes of photography, professional editing and 5 high-resolution images that are perfect for printing, or sharing online.

This way you can get gorgeous cheap graduation photography without compromising on the quality of your photos.

How to make the most of your graduation photoshoot

This year, it's never been more important to have great photos to celebrate and share your graduation.

That's why private graduation photography could be the best way to get some gorgeous pictures that you can share with friends and family.

Just because your ceremony might be virtual, it doesn't mean that you won't want to mark this important milestone in your life. 

So if you're in the Bedfordshire area and you're looking for someone to take some graduation celebration pictures for you and your family, I'd love to hear from you, so get in touch today!

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