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Snow Ball Fights!

I thought I would give you a taster of the behind the scenes at Becky Kerr photography. I had a fantastic trip recently to Amsterdam with my husband; this was my Christmas present from him. We both love our jobs and are very lucky to do "jobbies" but with him working in professional rugby and fitness training and me primarily working in wedding photography our weekends tend to be a juggling act and we usually get little time together, especially in the summer months.

So off we headed from Luton airport for a 50 mins flight to Amsterdam ... great we will be there in no time!! Unfortunately the plane was delayed from a Scandinavian flight and needed defrosting due to the impending snow so we were delayed by 3 hours ! This disappointment was very short lived as we arrived in the beautiful city with snow falling which made it look even more magical. We arrived in our airbnb apartment and headed straight out over the road to a fantastic food hall to refuel. The selection of food was outstanding and the beer was great too, all surrounding a lovely bar with a post it note wall people posted their innermost thoughts.

I really felt we saw as much as we possible could of this beautiful city in a little under 48 hours, lunch at the Amsterdam pancake house a poignant visit to the Anne Frank House, a walk around the snowy streets of the old town and over to the Van Gough Museum. The day was ended by an hour's canal trip. England were playing Wales in the 6 Nations in the early evening so this had to be factored into the day!

I highly recommend this beautiful city which has a lot more of offer than the night time cliches. The streets hardly have any cars as it is all bikes, the food was all fantastic and the beer was pretty good too for a prosecco drinker! The vibe is so relaxed and friendly as summed up by our random snowball fight with the locals and is kitch but really stylish

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