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On my blog I publish selected photoshoots, as well as various guides and insights that I've learned during my experience as a wedding photographer.

Creative wedding photography Blog Posts

Creative wedding photography

One of the things that makes it difficult to choose a wedding photographer, is looking through albums and albums of the same styles of photos over and over again.

Whilst it's true that there are some classic shots that you'll be taking at every wedding, it's also incredibly important that your photographer is using their skills and experience to create really creative and unique wedding photos.

Perfectly Planned Wedding Timeline Blog Posts

Perfectly Planned Wedding Timeline

We tend to think of our wedding day in brief moments.

Your dad seeing you in your dress for the first time, walking down the aisle, the first dance.

There are so many different bits and pieces that make up your wedding day, it's easy to imagine they just automatically fall into place, but in fact it takes just a little bit of planning.

The top 10 most missed wedding shots Blog Posts

The top 10 most missed wedding shots

Capturing your wedding takes a lot of photos, and most photographers can easily pick out the classic shots that you'll expect to have, cutting the cake, the speeches, the big entrance - but there are some essential photos that often get overlooked.

What are the shots that you simply can't miss? And how do you make sure you get them? Here's my guide to help!


Joanne and Robbie Wedding

Joanne and Robbie

I love it when I'm booked for a wedding at Offley Place - it's one of my favourite wedding venues in Hertfordshire, especially in the Summer.

So I was delighted to shoot Joanne and Robbie's wedding in August 2019.

50 clever tips for a perfect wedding day Blog Posts

50 clever tips for a perfect wedding day

Getting married is exciting, exhausting and brilliant, but with so much to decide and organise, how can you make it as easy on yourself as possible? 

That's why I've put together my 50 tips for a stress-free, perfect wedding, from ideas on getting inspired without getting overwhelmed, to how to prepare on the big day itself.

Selina and David, Wrest Park Wedding

Selina and David, Wrest Park

Selina and David, Wrest Park As Selina and David toasted their nuptials in front of a beautiful sunset against the backdrop of the picturesque Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, it really was a fairy-tale ending to what was such a special wedding in front of their family and friends.

Ultimate list of outdated wedding traditions [2020] Blog Posts

Ultimate list of outdated wedding traditions [2020]

There are a lot of lovely wedding traditions, and as a wedding photographer I get to see them all. In recent years, I've noticed that some traditions have started to become less and less common.

This is my guide to outdated wedding traditions - and what new things are replacing them.

Hayley and Gary Wedding

Hayley and Gary

The Thatch Barn is over 400 years old and a wonderful venue to shoot at. I really enjoyed shooting Hayley and Gary - they were so easy to work with and a lovely couple. Their wedding day was absolutely gorgeous and I was delighted to capture their big day.


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